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The Crislip



Truly Great Drink & Food

Life's too short for bad coffee!

At The Crislip Cafe, "The hidden gem of St. Pete" we pride ourselves in sourcing the very best coffees, loose leaf teas and fresh baked goods available in the Bay area.

We use sustainably farmed and artisan roasted, USDA & Fair Trade Certified organic coffees, produced from coffee farms around the globe that are a part of the "Cafe Femenino" project - women owned farms.  We feature global espresso drinks such as the Northern Espressino and Cafe Bombon.  We also craft specialty espresso drinks, such as the "Purple Rain", a lavendar latte and the "Light My Fire", a smores inspired mocha.  We love music and name our specialty drinks after popular songs for a touch of nostalgia.

Along with having the best breakfast sandwiches in town which are available any time of day, we do offer a rotating selection baked goodies, like muffins and danishes plus some vegan, and gluten-free options. Almost forgot to mention our amazing chocolate truffles made by Victoria Richards, which come in a variety of different flavors!  Perfect for pairing with any coffee, wine or craft beer.



For all your mood swings...

Happy - have a latte and take a stroll along Central Ave..


Sad - have an Espresso shot and a chocolate truffle.


Passionate - have a local craft beer before heading to cheer on the Rays at the Trop.


What's your mood today?  We have a taste for it.  Fill in the blank space below:

I'm feeling ____________ - have a specialty espresso drink and a chocolate croissant...


I'm feeling ____________ - have a local craft beer and some beef jerky


I'm feeling ____________ - have a strong cup of java and a bagel breakfast sandwich....


I'm feeling _____________ - have a glass of wine and a 6 pack of chocolate truffles...


You see.....we have a solution "for all your mood swings"!     



Why Sourcing Local & Ethical Matters 

At The Crislip Cafe, as well as, our sister and adjoining art gallery, The Merchant - Purveyor of Local Goods, our mission is to support local and socially/ethically conscious businesses.


Now more than ever, we feel it is important to support the local community and businesses.  We carry four local bakers, five local craft breweries, and our coffee roaster Joffrey's in Tampa, we serve only organic coffees that are a part of the "Cafe Femenino" project which is is a coffee brand on a mission to enhance the lives of women coffee growers to ensure they are valued, supported, and paid premiums for their coffee. 


At The Merchant - they carry over 80 local artists, makers, and craftspeople from across Florida.  You can stroll the gallery with a glass of wine or specialty crafted latte and shop our gift store to support our local community of artists.


and FREE Wi-Fi

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