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The Crislip Cafe

For all your mood swings.....


Truly Great Drink & Food

At The Crislip Cafe, we pride ourselves on delicious locally-sourced coffee and pastries, as well as, cheese, charcuterie, wine, craft beer, and fondue!  Our Sunday brunches also feature an English Afternoon High Tea! 


Our coffee is organic, produced from coffee farms around the globe that are a part of the "Cafe Femenino" project - women owned farms.  We feature global espresso drinks such as the Northern Espressino and Cafe Bombon.  We also craft specialty espresso drinks, such as the "Purple Rain", a lavendar latte and the "Light My Fire", a smores inspired mocha.  We love music and name our specialty drinks and cheese boards after popular songs for a touch of nostalgia.

Our cheese and charcuterie grazing boards are exquisite bites from around the US and globe!  We have curated specialty boards such as "California Dreaming" - a Napa inspired board and "Spanish Caravan" with meats and cheese from Spain.  These curated boards have pairings of meats, cheeses, local jams and mustards, honey, fruit, and even chocolate!  You can also build your own board with accoutrements.


Our cafe is nestled along the historic Crislip Arcade (hence our name), one of only three remaining arcades in St. Petersburg, built in the 1920s.  Seating is along the arcade, inside the back cafe space, and outside in front of our sister and adjoining space,  The Merchant - Purveyor of Local Goods, a local art and gift shop.   It's a great place to kick back with a cup of joe and read a book, gather with friends over a grazing board of cheese and charcuterie, or bring your date for a special experience.  


For all your mood swings...

Happy - have a latte and take a stroll along Central Ave..


Sad - have an Espresso shot and a chocolate truffle.


Passionate - have a local craft beer before heading to cheer on the Rays at the Trop.


What's your mood today?  We have a taste for it.  Fill in the blank space below:

I'm feeling ____________ - have a specialty espresso drink and a chocolate croissant...


I'm feeling ____________ - have a local craft beer and beef jerky


I'm feeling ____________ - have a strong cup of java and a bagel sandwich....


I'm feeling _____________ - have a glass of wine and a 6 pack of chocolate truffles...


You see.....we have a solution "for all your mood swings"!     



Why Sourcing Local & Ethical Matters 

At The Crislip Cafe, as well as, our sister and adjoining art gallery, The Merchant - Purveyor of Local Goods, our mission is to support local and socially/ethically conscious businesses.


Now more than ever, we feel it is important to support the local community and businesses.  We carry four local bakers, five local craft breweries, and Joffrey's Tampa organic coffees that are a part of the "Cafe Femenino" project.  


In our adjoining space - our sister company, The Merchant - Purveyor of Local Goods, carries 80 local artists, makers, and craftspeople from the Tampa Bay Area.  You can stroll the gallery with a glass of wine or an espresso drink and shop to support our local community of artists.

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